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We would be delighted to host you in our Synagogue.  There is room for all those who wish to join us

Opening Words

The “Ohel Moshe” community is now the most natural thing in our neighborhood, but at the beginning it seemed to be a wondrous and almost surprising miracle. For years few religious people lived in Herzlia. There were those few who prayed on Saturdays at the existing .synagogues in the various hotels. And later there were those who established the founding nucleus of our community at the Kimche family’s Hod Hotel. This small group later moved to the Tadmor hotel and again nearly 40 years ago to its permanent premises on Ben-Eliezer Street. The establishment of our synagogue brought about a welcome change in the neighborhood. Residents  began to arrive at the prayers on Saturdays and holidays. Daily services were also organised and later a branch  of Bnei Akiva and regular Torah classes. The community has grown and developed, and has been characterised by a combination of diverse members from various communities, new immigrants and citizens of all ages. Following the establishment of our synagogue, the magnificent Sephardi synagogue was also erected next door to us, followed by other fine synagogues.

This important move was initiated and led by dedicated, talented and  inspired people. Only such men and  women could find the right balance between the various shades of the established community members and at the same time reach agreements and  understandings with the various authorities and all concerned with the matter. All of them deserve to be mentioned extensively and  we will do this later in a special edition. To our delight we have  been blessed over the years, and even now with great friends and members who carry the public burden with remarkable efficiency and dedication.

The Ohel Moshe Synagogue is now the second home of many families, and in addition, other residents of the neighborhood  celebrate their happy life cycle events (especially Bar Mitzvahs) with us and also join us if they are unfortunately in mourning.

As the founders dreamed, we make a special effort to be available to all residents of Herzlia Pituach,while maintaining the special character of the synagogue which is based on clear religious strictness together with  human and social openness. The synagogue  holds prayer services and Torah study classes throughout the week, along with on events celebrating special dates in the Hebrew calendar. The synagogue is dedicated to the memory of Moshe de Shalit, one of the original founders of Herzliya, and at the same time embraces all those who came to our country in recent years.

With thanks to the Almighty for all this and from the heart to all members,  we pray for togetherness.  We close with the words: “So that my glory may sing praise to Thee, and not be silent.  O Lord my God I will give thanks to Thee forever.  Psalm L verse 13.

About us

The Ohel Moshe Synagogue is now the second home of many members and their families, and in addition, many residents of the neighborhood visit it when they wish (especially for bar-mitzvahs)  As the founders always tried to do, we make a great effort to be available to all the residents of Herzliya Pituach, while maintaining the special character of the synagogue, based on clear religious strictness together with vital human and social openness. The synagogue is open throughout the week with prayer services, Torah study classes and events commemorating dates in the Hebrew calendar. 

Synagogue Art

Beautiful artistic windows all over the synagogue, with unique light effects.

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